Application Form

Application for a Licence to Use a Work for Which the Copyright Owner is Unlocatable

(S. 77(1) of the Copyright Act)

Please complete all relevant sections of this form. Proof of your research is required for the Board to review your application and must be uploaded in a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

Requests for paper copies or PDF versions of the form should be sent to:

Note : This form is not intended for copyright registration. For copyright registration, contact the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

1. Applicant’s Information

Is the requested licence to be used by:
Are you applying

Applicant’s Contact Information

The applicant is the person or organization whose name will appear on the licence

Representative’s Contact Information

To be completed only if you are applying on behalf of someone else.

2. Description of the Work for Which a Licence is Requested

Type of Work
Has the work been published?

3. Proposed Use of the Work

Please note that a licence may only be issued if the work is to be used in Canada. If you plan to use the work abroad, you must contact the relevant authorities of the country in which you wish to use the work.

How do you plan to use the work?*
Be as detailed as possible.

4. Details of Your Project

For example: writing an article, recording an album, writing a book, producing a film, etc.
(Location: Canada, worldwide, etc.)
(In print, television, online, radio, movie theatre, etc.)

5. Date and Period for Which the Licence is Required

Please note that once a file is considered complete, we may require up to 45 days to issue a decision.

6. Efforts Made to Locate the Copyright Owner and Results Obtained

As per subsection 77(1) of the Copyright Act, it is the applicant’s responsibility to make reasonable efforts to locate the copyright owner.

The proof of the efforts made to locate the copyright owner is required for the Board to review your application. Provide a detailed description of your research. All relevant material (e.g. correspondence and exchange of emails, search results, summary of telephone conversations, etc.) must be uploaded as a PDF or Word document. Please ensure to indicate the individuals or organizations contacted as well as the date they were contacted.

For more information about the research that you should conduct before submitting your application, please consult the general information.

Upload requirements

7. Additional Information

Please indicate any additional information you feel may be useful in analyzing your request.